Volltext: Gender budgeting in Europa (99)

der equality considerations thus contributes to growth and prosperity. Gender Budgeting 
contributes equally to the European movement towards improved governance, that is, in-
creases in accountability, participation and transparency of budgetary policy processes.  
Therefore it is important that both, EU institutions and member states promote the imple-
mentation of gender budgeting. 
We, the European Network of Gender Budgeting Initiatives, recall 
- the decision of the gender budgeting conference under the Belgium Presidency in 
2001 to implement gender budgeting in all countries by the year 2015. 
- the resolution of the European Parliament on gender budgeting and its recommen-
- the opinion of the Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men 
on gender budgeting and its proposals to take action. 
- the recommendations of the European Women’s Lobby on gender budgeting. 
- the activities of WIDE, Women in Development Europe, and IAFFE, the Interna-
tional Association for Feminist Economics to promote the implementation of gender 
We, the European Network of Gender Budgeting Initiatives,  
call on the Commission 
Ö to include gender budgeting in the Gender Equality Road Map to be adopted soon 
and provide for sufficient funding. 
Ö to take action with the aim to implement gender budgeting in budgetary and macro-
economic policies by 2010. 
Ö to integrate Gender budgeting and gender equality in the current proposals for the 
Financial Perspective. 
Ö to publish a communication on gender budgeting by the end of 2006, including a 
road map, pursuing a participatory approach both in writing the communication as 
well as in implementing Gender Budgeting. 
Ö to launch a study on instruments to implement gender budgeting by drawing on the 
existing expertise in academia and civil society, present results by mid 2007. 
Ö to assure the development and collection of gender-disaggregated statistics in all 
areas and urgently promote the development of meaningful statistics on unpaid 
Ö to make available funds for facilitating the production and distribution of gender 
budgeting tools. 
Ö to assure that all EU policies undergo an equality impact assessment. 
Ö to facilitate the regular production of a gender equality scorecard.


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