13 the Basque Country, Spain, the website is already online: http://www.infopolis.es/web/GenderBudgets/egbn.html. The adoption of the resolution on Gender Budgeting to policy leaders throughout Europe (see next page) was the first common activity of the European Gender Budgeting network. The resolution „Gender Budgeting in Europe – NOW!� was adopted during the European Gender Budgeting meeting in Vienna and called upon the European Commission, the European Parliament as well as European states to speed up the implementation of Gender Budgeting at all levels of government. The resolution contains a series of concrete measures which could foster the imple- mentation. The resolution was sent to key members of the European Parliament, the president of the European Commission as well as key commissioners, to heads of state and government in Europe and to finance ministers. The resolution found resonance especially in some Scandinavian countries, whose leaders reaffirmed their commitment to integrate gender considerations in finan- cial policies.