IHS—Miess, Schmelzer/SFC Model Austria—1 Nomenclature BANK Commercial Banking Sector and MMFs BAU Business as Usual BS Balance Sheet BSM Balance Sheet Matrix CB Central Bank CPI Consumer Price Index DS Debt Securities dum Label in graphs due to technical reasons, please ignore FC Financial Corporations FOC Other Changes in Volume Account FTR Financial Transactions GDP Gross Domestic Product Govt Government HH Households ICPF Insurance Corporations and Pension Funds IFU Non-MMF Investment Funds IHS Institut fuer Hoehere Studien und wissenschaftliche Forschung MMF Money Market Funds NASA National Annual Sectoral Accounts NFC Non-financial Corporations NFTR Non-financial Transactions NLNB Net Lending/Net Borrowing NPISHs Non-profit Institutions Serving Households NW Net Worth OFI Other Financial Institutions OS Operating Surplus RECV Received REV Revaluation Account SDRs Special Drawing Rights SFC Stock-flow Consistent TFM Transaction Flow Matrix VA Value Added VAT Value Added Tax